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April 25, 2002


There’s something wrong with my website, but by the time you actually read this message the problem will obviously be fixed.

April 20, 2002

Off to Orkney

At 3:00am I’ll be leaving on our class trip to Orkney—I’m excited, but not about our departure time! Yvonne’s CD is finished and off to London to be printed. I have a completely updated version of this website on my laptop back in the flat, but y’all will have to wait till I return to see it. Ahh… the suspense! I hope all y’all are doing well - Kurt, I hope you’re getting better. I’ve got to go wash some clothes now and finish packing… au revoir!

April 14, 2002

N.F.L. Europe

I attended my first N.F.L. game today - with the Scottish Claymores defeating the Barcelona Dragons 45-17 at Hampden Park. So, it was an NFL Europe game… that still counts since I am in Europe after all. In other news, the CD I’ve been designing will be ready for production tomorrow - quite exciting, but also nerve-wracking to know whether or not it will turn out exactly how we want it. The summer term starts this week at the Glasgow School of Art, but since I’m not sitting exams I don’t really have much to worry about till next week when we travel to Orkney for our next project.

April 10, 2002

Under Construction

And stay posted for a completely updated website! I’m working on it… I promise!

It's okay.

I’ll be alright. I nearly just choked on my Vanilla Nut Latte here at the easyInternetCafĂ©. I’ve been busy all day working on Yvonne’s CD that we’re hoping to print on Monday! (I’d cross both my fingers, but it’s awfully hard to type that way!) Tomorrow starts the R.I.B.I. Conference here in Glasgow - in other words, lots and lots of British Rotarians are in town for business and pleasure. I’ll be attending as many of the program as I can, but I’ll have to break away for my friend Jamie’s birthday get-together tomorrow. I’m sure they’ll understand.