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August 22, 2003

Welcome Back, Kessler!

I’m substitute teaching once again. I’ve got my résumé and portfolio in the hands of some folks at architecture firms in Atlanta, but while I wait for the proverbial fish to bite I’m back in the classroom. Pero ahora no enseño español. Yesterday and today I taught algebra and on Monday I get a shot at physics and geometry.

Do I want to become a regular, full-time teacher? Nope. At least not until after I get my feet wet in the “real world” of architectural practice. However, I don’t regret one minute I’ve spent trying to instruct high school students. Teaching’s a relatively thankless job. Teachers definitely aren’t in the profession for the pay! But I must admit there’s little more rewarding in this world than helping someone else to learn something new, to grow academically, to think independently, and to accomplish what once seemed impossible.

So for now, you can call me, “Mr. Kessler.” But if you’re looking to hire a recently-graduated architecture student, just give me a call!