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February 27, 2004

Lo Gnomo


February 17, 2004

Calling All Kesslers

So… this afternoon I met a lady whose maiden name is Kessler. Since the surname isn’t all that common, we vainly tried to figure out if/how we are related. She’s from Macon and my dad’s family comes from Savannah, and that’s about as far as we made it. I didn’t even ask this lady for her first name, so beyond a bit of novelty for this weblog entry, no great strides in genealogical progress were made.

Viva la blog!

Here I am again after yet another lapse in weblog entry postings. To be honest, I no longer get the what-a-wonderful-update-to-my-website-this-will-make feelings during the course of a typical day. And I hate to think that leaving the glamorous life of a world-trotting student to get one of those “job” things has taken all the fun and adventure out of my daily existence. So…