July 10, 2001

Better late than never

Alas, after six weeks in Barcelona I finally get some photos from here in town up on the web! If I don’t get any more updates uploaded before I return to the U.S., I’ll be sure to post more photos and descriptions later.

  • soccer match (53.8kb)
  • salvador dali museum (111kb)
  • macba (57.6kb)
  • cathedral (78.1kb)

June 22, 2001

Veni vidi vici!

After three grueling weeks of classes in Barcelona, we had a week-long “midterm” break. I spent my time away from classes in Rome, Italy - rightfully known as the Eternal City. The city is absolutely gorgeous and awe-inspiring - filled with ancient Roman ruins and Renaissance masterpieces. There must be a church on nearly every block! I hope you enjoy the photos, and I sincerely encourage you to visit Rome for yourself!

P.S. - I will get some Barcelona photos up soon.

  • temple of saturn (53.2kb)
  • santa maria maggiore (111kb)
  • spanish steps (133kb)
  • via cavour (97.4kb)
  • st. peter’s basilica (62.8kb)
  • pantheon [inside] (70.1kb)
  • pantheon [outside] (101kb)
  • archaeology (132kb)
  • colosseum (96.4kb)

June 04, 2001

iSalutació des de Catalunya!

(Greetings from Catalonia!) I’ve been here in Barcelona for two weeks now and have finally decided to post some photos and such to the web. Classes are going well and I’ve got plenty of free time to have fun and see the sights as well. Below you’ll find links to some photos I took while in Madrid, Spain’s capital, this past weekend. Enjoy!

  • post office (63.6kb)
  • don quixote (63.4kb)
  • prado museum (79.4kb)
  • bullfight (122kb)
  • castilla plaza (56.4kb)

May 14, 2001

This is my first entry!

In one week (give or take a few hours) I’ll be on a plane to Barcelona!