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Veni vidi vici!

After three grueling weeks of classes in Barcelona, we had a week-long “midterm” break. I spent my time away from classes in Rome, Italy - rightfully known as the Eternal City. The city is absolutely gorgeous and awe-inspiring - filled with ancient Roman ruins and Renaissance masterpieces. There must be a church on nearly every block! I hope you enjoy the photos, and I sincerely encourage you to visit Rome for yourself!

P.S. - I will get some Barcelona photos up soon.

  • temple of saturn (53.2kb)
  • santa maria maggiore (111kb)
  • spanish steps (133kb)
  • via cavour (97.4kb)
  • st. peter’s basilica (62.8kb)
  • pantheon [inside] (70.1kb)
  • pantheon [outside] (101kb)
  • archaeology (132kb)
  • colosseum (96.4kb)