May 01, 2004

Poster Child


While waiting for a load of clothes to dry this morning, I hopped on the internet and cruised around some of the ususual architecture-related I have bookmarked. After jumping from link to link, I finally came upon, a website-based initiative run by The Lighthouse, funded by the Scottish Executive, and informed by their Policy on Architecture to “involve nation wide communities in issues relating to the built environment.”

Because I’m currently trying to make some decisions about graduate school (Atlanta, America, or abroad…) I decided to check out this site’s Secondary School Resources. My index finger was stopped mid-click when I suddenly recognized that debonair young man pictured slaving away at his drafting table.

“It’s me!”

How funny! I don’t typically see myself in profile so it took me a while to confirm my own identity: Georgia Tech t-shirt - check, sideburns - check, Sanford mechanical pencil - check. I’m still wondering about that tuff of hair falling down my forehead…

So now sit back and bask in my self-promoted 15 minutes of fame. Maybe I’ll get to sign some autographs the next time in Scotland. Maybe not.

Note: If you do visit you might have to refresh the homepage a few times before my mug magically appears.

January 31, 2004

In Memoriam

Tim Lessels

    guitarist, Poor Old Ben

    book of condolence

March 22, 2003


Greetings, once again, from Glasgow, Scotland! Our RyanAir flight from Beauvais to Prestwick landed 35 minutes early - an unexpected but perfectly welcome gift of bonus time in Scotland. (I’m just hoping our return flight isn’t 35 minutes early!)

I’ve got a really odd combination of feelings being back here. It’s comfortable — staying at Adelaide’s, eating familiar foods, seeing people I know — but it’s also a bit uncanny — businesses have closed, other have opened, there are new faces. And to top it off, it’s bright, sunny, and rather warm! What happened to the rainy, gray Glasgow I knew and loved? No, honestly, this is a change I can live with!

And something else that’s making life strange today are the anti-war demonstrations. Sure, in France there have been marches and protests. (I even picked up a huge banner after one had cleared our street.) But because their signs have been in French or some other probably insignificant reason I had basically been able to ignore them. Here is Scotland (both in Edinburgh this morning and now in Glasgow) it’s more than a little unsettling to see these demonstrators calling for Bush and Blair to end this war.

I generally consider myself a pacifist and am not at all gung-ho about these recent attacks, but too see first-hand hundreds if not thousands of protestors in the streets waving Iraqi flags, calling out for peace, and voicing their opinions is very bizarre. I arrived in Scotland not long after the September 11th attacks. The US and the UK have been allies for a long time, and for all intents and purposes, still are. But the people, the average citizens, of both countries, in significant numbers, aren’t happy with how their respective governments are handling the situation. Sure, the British support their troops just as we Americans support ours, but that definitely doesn’t mean the masses support the war.

God, give us peace!

November 08, 2002

Je suis ici!

Greetings from Glasgow, Scotland! I arrived here safely last night. The bus trip from Paris to the airport in the suburbs took longer than my flight.

July 04, 2002

Hooray for the red, white, and blue!

Happy (American) Independence Day!

July 02, 2002

Only two weeks left...

Believe it or not—I hardly can—I am only here in the UK for another two weeks! I’ve already started saying good-byes to people, and it sure ain’t easy! When I was in Senegal a couple years back the people there always shake right hands since left hands are considered dirty. But when you’re saying a long goodbye, so long, maybe to never see each other again—you shake left hands. Simple as that—cuts out most of the awkward words and disturbing silence. I don’t think shaking left hands will suffice here—so forgive my sentimentality.

May 23, 2002

The Queen comes to town

FYI, the Queen is visiting Glasgow today as part of her Golden Jubilee tour of the British Isles.

April 14, 2002

N.F.L. Europe

I attended my first N.F.L. game today - with the Scottish Claymores defeating the Barcelona Dragons 45-17 at Hampden Park. So, it was an NFL Europe game… that still counts since I am in Europe after all. In other news, the CD I’ve been designing will be ready for production tomorrow - quite exciting, but also nerve-wracking to know whether or not it will turn out exactly how we want it. The summer term starts this week at the Glasgow School of Art, but since I’m not sitting exams I don’t really have much to worry about till next week when we travel to Orkney for our next project.

April 10, 2002

It's okay.

I’ll be alright. I nearly just choked on my Vanilla Nut Latte here at the easyInternetCafé. I’ve been busy all day working on Yvonne’s CD that we’re hoping to print on Monday! (I’d cross both my fingers, but it’s awfully hard to type that way!) Tomorrow starts the R.I.B.I. Conference here in Glasgow - in other words, lots and lots of British Rotarians are in town for business and pleasure. I’ll be attending as many of the program as I can, but I’ll have to break away for my friend Jamie’s birthday get-together tomorrow. I’m sure they’ll understand.

March 31, 2002

To bring y'all up to speed

I’m back in Glasgow after a week in Paris and a weekend in London. Mom and dad are here in the U.K. with me until next Saturday when they fly back home. My final architecture project ended up going quite well, and I’m anxious to find out whether or not I’m in the Interact project finals. And lastly, happy Easter!

March 12, 2002

Interact is over

I just had my final presentation for the Interact project, that is unless I make the finals. (That’s probably a bit confusing, but I hope you understand.) It’s been a hectic couple weeks preparing for today’s presentation, but now that it’s over I’m feeling quite relieved. I’ll present again next Tuesday for my architecture tutors and then cruise into spring break! Hallelujah!

Interesting story #173: Who let the dogs out?

March 07, 2002

I'm leaving on a slow train.

I’m heading out to Paisley in a few minutes to visit with my engineer. I was planning on going yesterday, but the trains weren’t running due to a drivers’ strike. But today’s a brand-new, lovely, sunny, unseasonably warm day - hallelujah!

March 06, 2002

Another long day

It’s nearly 10 o’clock which means I’ve been in the architecture building for nearly 12 straight hours. Tack that onto a long day spent travelling to Oban for a Rotary presentation yesterday evening and you’ll understand why I can barely concentrate on typing these few words. Otherwise, things are fine and dandy here in Glasgow.

March 02, 2002

Fire alarms

It’s no fun waking up to the noise of a fire alarm - especially when it’s just a false alarm. But surprisingly, it’s another sunny day here in western Scotland - well worth seeing, even if it’s rather early in the morning.

February 21, 2002

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to me, Ali, and Fiona! What are the chances that I’ve met two other students in Glasgow who share a birthday with me? Don’t do the math - just believe me - it’s rare! In other news, my fellow Georgia Tech architecture student and friend Leslie, who’s studying in Paris this year like I will be next year, is arriving in Glasgow today from London. It’ll be fun catching up on most of the past 6 months - and nice for me to play Scottish tour guide once again.

February 19, 2002

Food, glorious food

It’s nearly 6 o’clock and I still haven’t had the chance to eat the sandwich I bought myself for lunch just before 1 o’clock. You’re probably thinking, “Kyle, why don’t you stop and eat your sandwich right now?” To which I’d reply, “I’m in the library; food and drinks aren’t allowed inside.” So take that Mr. Smarty-Pants! Just kidding, I’ll eat it on my way back to the flat, as long as it’s not pouring outside. There’s not much worse than a soggy sandwich.

February 18, 2002

Greetings, folks!

I’m just back from seeing Ocean’s Eleven at the cinema down the street from the school. I must admit, I really enjoyed the film. Just enough action, just enough drama, and just enough humor… It was the first one I’ve seen since Kurt was here at Christmas.

C.J. Lim is back this week to help us on our architecture projects. I have a presentation to make tomorrow with my engineer - hope all goes well! I’ll keep y’all posted.

February 16, 2002

Acoustic Café

Tonight’s the second Acoustic Café. Once again, I’m serving as compere. I’ve been quite busy the past couple days working on my architecture project. It’s coming along nicely, but it’s all much more demanding than I’d hope.

February 11, 2002

What'll they think of next?

Leave it to my fellow Americans to invent something like the Utilikilt It’s a kilt; it’s a utility belt; it’s both!!!

And in Olympic news, the United States has upset world champions Sweden in the first round of curling! If you’re American, you probably know very little about curling, but check out this Curling Basics site with its helpful animations. I think I’ll have to have a go at it while I’m here, since the sport probably originated in Scotland in the early 16th century.

Tonight’s presentation in Paisley went well - although they were wanting me to do a rendition of “Georgia on My Mind.” The only song I’ll be singing today is “Happy Birthday,” long-distance over the telephone to my sister.

February 10, 2002


Not much happening in Glasgow today. A guy came and spoke at church this morning about an innovative program called On the Move. It tied in well with the pastor’s sermon on food. Maybe that explains why I was in the mood for an XL Bacon Double Cheeseburger from Burger King after the service.

February 07, 2002

House for an Art Lover

Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s House for an Art Lover is featured today as one of the Yahoo! New & Notable websites. Mackintosh designed the house for a competition in 1901, but was disqualified for submitting his work late. (It’s comforting to know even great architects aren’t always on-time.) The house was recently constructed (1989-96), thanks in part to the staff and faculty of the Glasgow School of Art, in Bellahouston Park.

February 01, 2002

Burns Night Photos

My friend Jen has some Burns Night photos on the web. They might be a little incriminating, but I thought I’d share.

January 30, 2002

Mac Burns Supper

We 3rd-year architecture students are hosting a Burns Supper tonight at the Vic. Money raised will help pay for our class trip to Orkney this spring. I’ll be giving the Selkirk Grace - maybe in Scots, maybe in English.

January 28, 2002

It's no fun being sick!

I’ve spent most of the last two days in bed - sedated by Benadryl. Thankfully, the illness is almost over. Unthankfully (if that’s even a word), I’ve got to get back to work. That means getting off this computer and returning to my desk to draw, draw, draw - and build the occasional cardboard model.

January 26, 2002

Happy Birthday, Mom!

I had lunch today with a member of the Dennistoun Rotary Club at The Black Bear. Apparently, the name is derived from restaurant’s proximity to the Glasgow Zoo Park - not the contents of its menu.

January 17, 2002

Eastwood Burns Night

Tonight’s the Eastwood Rotary Club’s annual Burns Night. This translates as a night of haggis, neeps, tatties, whisky, poetry, kilts, and bagpipes - all in honor of Scotland’s bard - Robert Burns.

January 16, 2002

Greenock in review

Yesterday’s talk in Greenock went really well. The president of the club just so happens to be an architect - and attended the Glasgow School of Art!

As you should be able to see, I’ve done some general updating of this site. Photos are on the way…

January 10, 2002


Si vous êtes en France et la savez, battez vos mains!

If you can’t read the above statement, find someone who knows French and ask him/her to translate it for you. But remember to be polite and say, “S’il vous plaît.”

December 31, 2001

Happy Hogmanay!

Happy Hogmanay!

December 30, 2001

Auld Lang Syne

It’s hard to believe the year 2002 is almost here. I remember all that “millennium” hype a couple years back - that Y2K problem. Obla-di obla-dah, life’s gone on. Here is Scotland the festivities are for Hogmanay. Over 100,000 people are expected to fill Glasgow’s city centre, particularly George Square, to bring in the new year.

December 28, 2001

Merry (Belated) Christmas!

I hope y’all had a happy Christmas and a pleasant Boxing Day. Kurt’s arrived safely here in Scotland and we’ve already visited Stirling, Inverness, Loch Ness, and Glen Coe on our whistle-stop tour of the country. Georgia Tech beat Stanford in the Seattle Bowl which brightens my spirits after Dalton lost to Statesboro last Friday.

FYI, I had an absolutely wonderful time in Cambridge and London on Christmas Eve! Christmas day was great as well… and things are looking up for the New Year! And, don’t worry, photos will come…

December 19, 2001

Christmas Shopping

With just a few shopping days left till Christmas, I still have almost no shopping done. C’est la vie!

December 15, 2001

School's out!

Bring on Christmas… and Boxing Day… and Hogmanay… and New Year’s!

Tonight, the mighty, mighty Catamounts take on the Paulding Co. Patriots in the Georgia Dome. My prediction: Dalton 24 - Paulding Co. 14. Go Big Red!

December 08, 2001

Go Catamounts!

Dalton beat Thomson 28-24 in overtime last night to advance to the state semi-finals in the Georgia Dome!

I’ll probably be here in the architecture studio most of the weekend since my final presentation is Tuesday morning. It’s only fair after indulging in ceilidh dancing the past two evenings…

December 05, 2001

Come on over!

Nothing to do next weekend? Fly to London for only $228 round-trip with Delta Web Fares! As always, some conditions do apply.

November 30, 2001

Happy St. Andrew's Day!

Happy St. Andrew’s Day! Tonight the mighty, mighty Catamounts of Dalton High School, my alma mater, play in the AAAA state football play-offs against Sequoyah. Go Big Red!

November 28, 2001

Know(ing) news is good news!

I take that back - there is news today: I have a mail box (AKA pigeon hole) here at the school! See, you just learn something new everyday! Luckily, nothing too timely has been sitting in it the past two months.

November 27, 2001

It's snowing!

Actually, it’s mainly rain; the sun’s shining; and there’s not a chance of any of it sticking. But, hey, it is snowing!

November 26, 2001

Scottish Holidays

For those of y’all stateside who feel Thanksgiving just flew by and that you want to relish in that festive, pre-Christmas mood - celebrate St. Andrew’s Day this coming Friday! Although the fisherman and disciple of Christ never made it to Scotland while alive, many of his relics are now here, and he’s considered Scotland’s Patron Saint. Unfortunately, it’s not a national holiday.

November 24, 2001

Go Jackets!

Well, today’s the day — the Duel in Dixie — when we all shall “see the glory of the stompin’ of the Dawgs!” Actually, the game takes place after midnight here in the U.K., but that’s of no real concern. If I am able to listen to the broadcast on internet radio, I hope everyone at church will forgive me for possibly dozing off during the sermon.

November 23, 2001

Killing Time

Just waiting for my PowerPoint class to start… I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday! One of the other scholars asked me for my dressing recipe, so it seems a new Thanksgiving tradition has begun!

November 22, 2001

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, I’m thankful that my email’s working again, that it’s a gorgeous day with bright sunshine here in Glasgow, that my dressing turned out well last night for dinner, and that the week’s almost over!