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Poster Child


While waiting for a load of clothes to dry this morning, I hopped on the internet and cruised around some of the ususual architecture-related I have bookmarked. After jumping from link to link, I finally came upon ScottishArchitecture.com, a website-based initiative run by The Lighthouse, funded by the Scottish Executive, and informed by their Policy on Architecture to “involve nation wide communities in issues relating to the built environment.”

Because I’m currently trying to make some decisions about graduate school (Atlanta, America, or abroad…) I decided to check out this site’s Secondary School Resources. My index finger was stopped mid-click when I suddenly recognized that debonair young man pictured slaving away at his drafting table.

“It’s me!”

How funny! I don’t typically see myself in profile so it took me a while to confirm my own identity: Georgia Tech t-shirt - check, sideburns - check, Sanford mechanical pencil - check. I’m still wondering about that tuff of hair falling down my forehead…

So now sit back and bask in my self-promoted 15 minutes of fame. Maybe I’ll get to sign some autographs the next time in Scotland. Maybe not.

Note: If you do visit ScottishArchitecture.com you might have to refresh the homepage a few times before my mug magically appears.


Yeah, I can see why you might have doubts about your own identity in that photo. If I'd have come upon it independently, then I'm not sure if I'd have taken a second look. You could pass for someone of Celtic ancestry in this pic, save for the attire. That's not Scottish dress ... no sir-ee.

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